Chambers Bros. Entertainment

The Chambers Bros. completed two seasons of production on The Ultimate Gamer a reality series on SPIKE TV.  Eric, Branden and Keith created and executive produced the series. Eric and Branden directed and served as showrunners on all of the episodes. The Ultimate Gamer is a series that brings the video game fanatics face-to-face with the games’ creators and the celebrities who brought it to life.

Chambers Bros. Animation is in charge of production on the animated DVD series Sea Tales. Keith, Branden and Eric created, produced and directed the animated series featuring classic fairy tales such as “Snow White and The Seven Hermit Crabs”, “The Three Little Sea Pigs” and “The Selfish Sea Giant” set in a colorful underwater world. The series’ superstar narrators include Betty White, Larry King and Gene Simmons. Ventura Distribution / First Look Studios is distributing Sea Tales.

Keith, Eric and Branden also created, and jointly executive produced with Maverick Films (Madonna’s company), a reality pilot for VH1, Breakthru. Eric and Branden directed and were the showrunners on the project. The show follows unknown music, acting, and dance talents who are on the brink of success, as they get their big break.  Keith, Eric and Branden also created and executive produced History Makers, a talk show pilot hosted by A&E’s Bill Kurtis. The series brings famous historical figures such as Cleopatra, Napoleon, and Lincoln back to life for a live interview in front of a studio audience, supported by “documentary” footage created for the show. Chambers Bros. Entertainment also had a development deal with MTV2, to create and executive produce The Game Factory. A competition series that pits thirteen amateur video game designers against each other for the ultimate prize: A dream job with one of the world’s top video game companies and $100,000 cash.

Eric and Branden also executive produced and directed The Naked Truth; a talk show hosted by Stryker, KROQ’s Love Line tongue-in-cheek purveyor of pop culture D.J., who mixes it up with a panel of celebrity guests on the state of relationships in America today. Keith, Eric and Branden also created, directed and produced the interactive DVD series PLA (“play”) for Sony Distribution. The series allows the viewer to watch extreme sports, music videos and edgy exposés while changing the camera angles and music, enhancing the visual and audio experience.

HISTORY — The brothers grew up in Los Angeles working with their father at The Chambers Group, where as teens they helped create products for Sega Genesis, General Mills, Equal, Best Buy, Knowledge Adventure and many other companies. When Eric was 16 and Brandon 18, they began producing and directing commercials, including a spot for Chambers Group client Air Touch Cellular.

Branden is a graduate of Loyola Marymount Film School, and Eric graduated from San Diego State Film School. The brothers have had their student films screened in many festivals.